ISAA presents Kalotsav 2016


KALOTSAV is a place where you will meet the stars of tomorrow’s creative sky.

Isaa-kalotsavCreativity is within ourselves and needs a breakthrough. This is the chance for it and
students get the opportunity to interact with thinking minds of tomorrow. Kalotasav is coming for the Sixth year & this year we have planned a big festival with many varied events.Being a fun event we have categories like Clay-craft , Mad Ads , Debate , Caricature , Creative Writing , Football and what not..!!!
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“Art Talk” by: veteran Abstract Artist Mr. Prabhakar Kolte.

The Society of Arts & Animation  In Association with VEDA Animation College and School of Art is organising an Art Talk by veteran Abstract Artist Mr. Prabhakar Kolte.

Prabhakar Kolte was born in 1946 and received his diploma from the Sir J.J.School of Art in 1968. Between 1972 and 1994 he taught at the School of Art. He has had several solo shows and participated in important group exhibitions like ‘Art- Mosaic- celebration of Calcutta’s Tercentenary, Calcutta and Mumbai, 1990; ‘Wounds’ CIMA Gallery, Calcutta, 1993; ‘Parallel Perceptions’ Sakshi, Gallery, Mumbai, 1993 and 94 and ‘Bombay- A Tribute To The City’ organized by RPG Enterprises, Mumbai, 1995. Kolte has also exhibited at ‘Six Indian Painters’ curated by Geeta Kapur at Toto grad, Yugoslavia, Ankara and Istanbul, 1985, ‘Three Artists’ Hong Kong, 1995 and Galerie Foundation for Indian Artists, Amsterdam, 1996.