If you are creative and your work is extra ordinary, then this Summit is made for you. Toons Media Group brings  Flying Elephant Competition for you, wherein you can impress the world and get noticed by all the big Animation Masters..

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Chance to show case your animation work Internationally!!

Looking for an opportunity to show your work to animation professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world? Why not submit your animation to our action-packed, international festival?

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival all set to accept your  entries.

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VFX artist on demand in India

INDIA ‘A growing place for VFX Industry!!
Micheal karp!!The most important person in VFX industry with a series of blockbusters in Hollywood says India has become the main center for Major Hollywood movies. This is mainly because of cheap and talented labour available for VFX Industry. According to him Vfx work for a film in US which cost around $100 million can be just made at the cost of $10 million without compromising with the quality. This is really a good news for Indian VFX artists who are going to be in more demand in coming years.

Have you heard about Street Play or Nukkad Natak?

nukkad natak-street play

Wikipedia describes street plays as “Street theater is a form of theatrical performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces without a specific paying audience. These spaces can be anywhere, including shopping centres, car parks, recreational reserves and street corners. They are especially seen in outdoor spaces where there are large numbers of people. The actors who perform street theater range from buskers to organised theater companies or groups that want to experiment with performance spaces, or to promote their mainstream work.”

Street theater as a form of messaging is so deep rooted in the Indian folklore can be linked back to a sutradhar or the narrator in Indian puppetry. What is the high point of the nukkad theater, is it is able to connect with the common man, in his territory. It is able to break all social man made barriers of formality In olden times this form was used extensively to spread social messages and more so during times of pre independence era. Now, the youth and some focused groups find it useful to spread social and political messages and to create knowledge amongst the people regarding social issues.

nukkad natak-street play

Others highlight caste conflicts or ideas about hygiene and health. Street theater is also used as a means to support literacy amongst villagers. Many dramatic and engrossing plays on environment which share the bountiful relationship of trust and friendship between humans and their natural habitat have been popular throughout across all ages and audiences.

nukkad natak 3-medicaleducationunit-yolasite-com

Habib Tanvir and Utpal Dutt used street theater as a political catalyst in the 1940s and the 1950s. Street theater was revived in the 1970s and the movement spread all over the country.

Indian street theater gained momentum to demonstrate the thoughts of common people. Common people, day-to-day life problems and the colors of daily life gained a huge plus in popularizing this art.The street theater is a undeviating, concise and succinct theatrical expression. The objective is to express a particular idea or to portray a significant meaning—a direct, friendly and helpful means of communication.


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ISAA presents Kalotsav 2016


KALOTSAV is a place where you will meet the stars of tomorrow’s creative sky.

Isaa-kalotsavCreativity is within ourselves and needs a breakthrough. This is the chance for it and
students get the opportunity to interact with thinking minds of tomorrow. Kalotasav is coming for the Sixth year & this year we have planned a big festival with many varied events.Being a fun event we have categories like Clay-craft , Mad Ads , Debate , Caricature , Creative Writing , Football and what not..!!!
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“Art Talk” by: veteran Abstract Artist Mr. Prabhakar Kolte.

The Society of Arts & Animation  In Association with VEDA Animation College and School of Art is organising an Art Talk by veteran Abstract Artist Mr. Prabhakar Kolte.

Prabhakar Kolte was born in 1946 and received his diploma from the Sir J.J.School of Art in 1968. Between 1972 and 1994 he taught at the School of Art. He has had several solo shows and participated in important group exhibitions like ‘Art- Mosaic- celebration of Calcutta’s Tercentenary, Calcutta and Mumbai, 1990; ‘Wounds’ CIMA Gallery, Calcutta, 1993; ‘Parallel Perceptions’ Sakshi, Gallery, Mumbai, 1993 and 94 and ‘Bombay- A Tribute To The City’ organized by RPG Enterprises, Mumbai, 1995. Kolte has also exhibited at ‘Six Indian Painters’ curated by Geeta Kapur at Toto grad, Yugoslavia, Ankara and Istanbul, 1985, ‘Three Artists’ Hong Kong, 1995 and Galerie Foundation for Indian Artists, Amsterdam, 1996.