About Us

About ISAA

ISAA stands for ‘Indian Society for Art & Animation’. Founded in 2016, the idea behind creating this platform is to bring voices of fine art and animation community together. Currently the status of both the communities is not healthy. There are very few platforms to meet creative minds of these two areas.

ISAA will assume the role of advocate, felicitator and mentor here. We want to connect students, professionals and freelancers of Fine Art, Visual Design and Animation to tighten the web of our fraternity.

ISAA is an not for profit arm of Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society Pune.

Vision of ISAA

  • To become the most vibrant face of Indian Fine Art and Animation Industry.
  • To become a strong influencer and key role player for Govt. and Public Policies of the fraternity.  
  • To create leadership platform with people’s collaboration.
  • To rediscover the lost stage of India on the Global canvas.


  • Work closely with Fine Art and Visual Design institutions and industry.
  • Organise regular meetups of industry professionals and students.
  • Promote Art and Animation in young generation of India from early childhood.
  • Create interesting learning opportunities for the creative minds across the country.
  • Establish city based Chapters to discover, support and promote local talent quickly.
  • Conduct various national and international competitions, events and workshops to keep the environment alive and warm.
  • Participate and collaborate with like minded organisations and people.